Sunday, 21 June 2015

Unit 211 Presenting Photo Images.

I chose the images from my first project ( A study of flowers) for my presentation of images as I believed these pictures would appeal to a wider selection of people than my aircraft photography. Also, I believed that the bright, vivid colours of the flowers would look much better in print and be more visually interesting than the aircraft which all had a similar, rather dull, colour scheme.

After much research, I decided to have my images printed as postcards, the main advantage of this was that it was very cost effective as I found a website that allowed me to print ten, unique postcards. The process was fairly simple, I had to convert my images into JPEG format and I could upload each design into a template one by one. I had to be sure that any detail in the image was in the centre as the edge of the picture could be lost in the print. I had checked that each image had all the important detail that I wished to be printed in the "safe zone"

Before I uploaded my images I had the chance to  edit them, however I did not feel like my images needed any further alteration as they had been thoroughly edited for my project.
I chose the postcard format for my images as I think they will be easily portable, they will also be an interesting and useful way to send them to people that want to view my photography and don't have access to the internet. I chose glossy paper as I wanted a shiny effect to bring out the vivid colours of the flowers. The other option was to use matte paper but this would give a dull effect and wasn't what I wanted my images to look like.
The disadvantage of using postcards to present my images are that they are fairly small so may not show up the detail of the image well. They can also be easily damaged.
Other options available to me to present my images include canvas printing, this would make my images very artistic and would look good hung on a wall, however this option was very expensive and the canvas's would have taken up lots of space if they were not hung on a wall.
I could have also have chosen to print my images in a photobook. This would have provided a very long lasting way to present my images, a book, in particular a hardback book, isn't easily damaged. It would also be a nice keepsake and would present the images in a very professional way. The disadvantages are that it's fairly expensive. Also, books are easily lost, especially if lent out to people.
The images could have also been presented online. This would be free and also would make the images available to a wide audience. The disadvantage of this would be the colours displayed may not be accurate.

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