Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Statement Of Intent.

Statement of Intent.
Title of Project.

A Study of Flight.

Intentions of the Photography to be undertaken.

For this project, I intend to take photographs of aircraft in flight. I want to include images of the whole aircraft as well as close up detailed images of interesting parts of the aircraft. I wish my images to convey the excitement of flight and the wonder of a heavy object becoming seemingly lighter than air.

Reasons for Selection of Theme.

I decided on this theme as I have always enjoyed visiting airports and air shows and for the first time I now have a camera with the ability to see detail that you might not otherwise be able to view. I have visited several aircraft forums and have been inspired by the photography that is produced and posted.

Equipment That I Will Be Using.

I will use my Nikon D5300 DSLR camera with both my 18-55 mm kit lens and a Nikon 18- 300 mm telephoto lens. I would have preferred the use of a tripod, however, this option will not be available to me on the days of my photo shoot.

Techniques I will be Using.

Aperture Priority Mode.
After researching several techniques for aircraft photography, I have chosen to use Aperture priority mode. This will enable me to choose the aperture and allow the camera to choose a suitable shutter speed and ISO.

I will continue to shoot the aircraft as it travels past me, moving the camera while I shoot.

Continuous Burst Mode.
As I am unsure how many aircraft will be landing, I wish to take as many photos as possible, for this I will use Continuous Burst mode.

Continuous- Servo AF.
As the aircraft I am shooting will be moving, I will use Continuous- Servo AF.

How light quality can be used to help convey the visual message.

All my images will be shot outside which means the only source of illumination will be natural light. As this is an outside location and thus subject to weather conditions, I am unable to predict the quality of the light available. 
Safety considerations

I must be aware of other people while I shoot the images. I intend my photo shoot to take place in a very popular area; as such I expect it to be busy with both adults and children. If I was to use a tripod, I would have to be aware of the trip hazard this would pose, however a tripod wont be available to me on the day. 

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