Wednesday, 3 June 2015

First Photo Shoot

First Photo Shoot.

For my first photo shoot, I intended to take images of the aircraft both stationary and in flight and also find out the best vantage points in which to get the shots I require.

During my research, I had viewed forums for the opinions of aircraft enthusiasts and chose two areas that had been recommended as ideal places to shoot from. My first shoot took place at The Aviation Viewing Park at Manchester Airport.

The weather was ideal, with many breaks in the cloud, which I hoped would provide an interesting backdrop to the main subject of the image.

I used my Nikon D5300 with my 18- 55 mm kit lens.  I did not use a tripod as this wasn't available to me but I did not feel this was in any way detrimental to the quality of the images. If a tripod had been available to me, I would have had to be careful using it in such a busy place. The risks of somebody tripping over it would have been high. As I was using the panning technique, I had to be careful that I had enough space around me to do so.

I found this shoot to be a little disappointing; a crowd of people were already there which meant I could not get many clear photos without people being in shot, this wasn't helped by my short stature!

I also had disappointing results using my 18- 55 mm kit lens, the focal length did not give me the close up, detailed images I wished for. The aeroplanes seem small and the detail is lost.

If I was to do this photo shoot again, I would arrive at an earlier time to get a better vantage point. I would also use a telephoto lens to be able to produce the closer,  detailed images that I intend to take.

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