Tuesday, 2 June 2015



I found it difficult to find a professional photographer who focuses on aircraft photography, however I did find many websites on which very talented amateurs posted their work. I found there work to be both inspiring and informative. The following images were taken from the website airliners.net 

The person in this picture gives a sense of scale. The aircraft looks huge in comparison. 

I like how this picture shows the whole of the aircraft. The colours are vivid against the blue sky.

I think this is a great action shot as it captures the aircraft mid take off. 

This is the high detailed image that I hope to emulate during my photoshoots. By using a telephoto lens I should be able to capture parts of the aircraft in high detail.

I find this image very inspiring as I wish to take images of parts of the aircraft. This picture is very dramatic and full of action. 

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