Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Second Photo Shoot Evaluation.

Second Photo Shoot.

For my second photo shoot, I intended to take images of aircraft in flight as they approached the runway at Manchester Airport. I intended to capture both full images of the aircraft including background and detailed, close up shots of parts of the aeroplane.
After the disappointing results that I had using my 18-55 mm kit lens, I decided to use a telephoto lens with a focal length of 18-300 mm. It was the first time I had used this lens and I was pleasantly surprised by just how detailed the images were even for distant aircraft. I did find the lens fairly heavy after being used to my lighter kit lens, to help with this I put the camera in the bag between the aircraft landing. I could have also used a monopod to help with the weight issue.

My second photo shoot took place at The Airport- a popular bar and grill style pub which is located next to the runway at Manchester airport. The beer garden located at the back provides an ideal vantage point in which to shoot the aircraft as the come into land or taxi to take off.

The weather during the shoot was mixed. At first it was fairly overcast, this grey sky did not produce much background interest in the photos, the sky looked very "flat" However, as the day progressed, the weather became worse which resulted in storm clouds forming. These clouds provided a dramatic backdrop and added depth and interest to the background.

I had to be careful when it started to rain heavily to keep my camera and lens dry to prevent damage. There was shelter provided which I used, however this altered the angle of some of my images. An alternative option would have been to use a rain sleeve to protect my equipment, however this was not available to me.

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